Wednesday, February 7, 2007

9 Sure-fire Ways to Save Money On Accommodation, Lift Tickets and More

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort - 9 Sure-fire Ways to Save Money On Accommodation, Lift Tickets and More by: Devon O'Malley

Officially inaugurated in 1938, Mont Tremblant is a unique gem among Canada’s eastern ski resorts. For many people though, “unique” also means expensive. It’s true, there may be some truth in this instance. Mont Tremblant actually translates to Trembling Mountain, which may relate to the trembling of the tourists once they tally up their expenses and witness their quickly shrinking budget. Yet fear not. I’ve collected a number of practical tips to help you save money on your Mont Tremblant accommodation, activities, lift tickets, and more. Tip #1 – The Early Bird Gets The Mont Tremblant Accommodation Savings If you know exactly when you’re like to have your vacation, booking in advance often means increased savings. If you’re flying, try to leave avoid leaving on the weekends, and instead try the cheaper middle of the week departures. Reserving accommodation in advance can also allow for negotiating cheaper nightly rates, especially if you’re flexible by even a few days. Tip #2 - Avoid Hotels & Book Your Mont Tremblant Condo Directly with Homeowners Booking your Mont Tremblant accommodation directly with homeowners and independent companies saves you money by avoiding swarms of middle agent fees. Most owners also do not charge the non-refundable 10% hotel tax, and prices are quoted for up to the maximum sleeping capacity of the property, not per person. Plus, many owners offer free parking, whereas most rental managers and hotels have additional nightly parking fees. Tip #3 – Invite Your Friends And Share The Cost When searching for your Mont Tremblant accommodation, check out the larger properties and consider inviting a few friends or even another family! When booking a bigger property, adding an extra two people could save you a few hundred dollars by our the cost. Tip #4 - Buy Your Food Outside the Village In that last stretch of the trip, most visitors to Mont Tremblant prefer to check into their accommodation rather than go preemptive shopping for groceries, where they get nailed with price markups at the local village food store. Instead, shop at a grocery store just off Highway 117 as you approach the resort, which offers more selection and lower prices than within the Mont Tremblant village. Tip #5 - Secure Your Rental Gear and Avoid Being A Statistic This is a more preventative measure than a money saving tip. Sadly, like every other resort, ski and snowboard theft is a possibility in Mont Tremblant. Lock up your gear with the lock plugs sold in every Mont Tremblant shop. The resort provides racks all over the mountain for you to secure your rental gear. Tip #6 - Use the ATMs and Avoid the Banks Short on cold, hard cash? There are a number of reasons to avoid the banks when you need to withdraw your money. For starters, most banks charge a $5 transaction fee for currency exchanges. And while it’s possible to exchange foreign currency at shops, restaurants, and hotels, the exchange rate is often much lower than simply using the ATM. Tip #7 - Don’t Buy Stuff In The Village Strolling through Mont Tremblant’s Pedestrian Village is great for people watching and window shopping, as the actual prices can be quite high. A 3% resort tax is also added to your purchases at the checkout, further inducing wallet trauma. If you spy an item that activates your “must-have” meter, it’s possible the same item may be available back in Montreal or at another outlet on your way home. Tip #8 - Look For Promotions In Tourist Brochures & Flyers The local tourist brochures, newspapers, and flyers are a great place to scour for discount coupons and deals. These coupons may only save a few dollars here and there, but it definitely adds up when spread over a few days and combined with all the other expenses that accompany a memorable Mont Tremblant vacation. Tip #9 - Discount Lift Tickets for Teens/College Students A little known Mont Tremblant secret is the discount offered to young teens and post-secondary students. For some reason, Mont Tremblant doesn’t apply much effort publicizing these deals. Instead, be prepared at the lift ticket window with ID cards showing your teens eligibility, and the same if you’re a college or university student. Otherwise you’re likely to end up paying for full adult tickets
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